Handbook of Hydrocarbons

S. W. Ferris

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Chemie


Handbook of Hydrocarbons presents tables giving the most important physical properties of all hydrocarbons whose boiling points have been recorded, in such form that all compounds boiling at or near a given value are listed together and a specific hydrocarbon can be promptly located. These ends can be best accomplished by listing each hydrocarbon in each of two tables. The order in Table A is that of the boiling points at 760 mm Hg, and other properties are also given. In Table B, the compounds are in groups of the same empirical formula and same type and are arranged within groups alphabetically by parent compound. Table C lists alternate names, including common and trivial names, and Table D gives the numbering of representative cyclic hydrocarbons. The Handbook should offer real help to any investigator who wishes either to locate the properties of a specific hydrocarbon, or to obtain a quick summary of the indications which the literature affords as to what compounds may be present in a cut of known boiling point or range. Such investigators should include academic, institutional, government and industrial workers, not only in the predominantly hydrocarbon fields such as petroleum, natural gas, shale oil, coal, and rubber, but also in the chemical, "e;"e;petrochemical,"e;"e; and plastics fields.

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