Enzymology in the Practice of Laboratory Medicine

Proceedings of a Continuation Course Held at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 10-12 May 1972

Philip Blume (Hrsg.), Esther F. Freier (Hrsg.)

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Naturwissenschaften, Medizin, Informatik, Technik / Physik, Astronomie


Enzymology in the Practice of Laboratory Medicine focuses on disease processes, enzymatic reactions and activities, and diagnosis and management of diseases. The selection first offers information on developments in the search for mechanisms of enzymic catalysis; application of the spin labeling technique to biological membranes; and the properties of membrane bound enzymes involved in energy transduction processes. Discussions focus on possible clinical interrelationships of membrane function, mitochondrial membrane transactions, mechanical details of chymotryptic catalysis, and physical nature of globular proteins. The text then elaborates on metalloenzymes, enzyme measurement, and enzymology, clinical chemistry, and development of fast analyzers. The publication examines the analytical uses of immobilized enzymes; origin of serum enzymes and the basis for their variation; and the screening methods for glycolytic enzyme deficiencies in red blood cells. Topics include factors contributing to normal variation of enzyme activity, catabolism of enzymes, mechanism of release from cells to plasma, and determination of urea in blood and urine. The selection is a dependable reference for researchers interested in the application of enzymology in laboratory medicine.

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