Progress in Biomass Conversion

Volume 3

Kyosti V. Sarkanen (Hrsg.), Edwin C. Jahn (Hrsg.), David A. Tillman (Hrsg.)

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Progress in Biomass Conversion, Volume 3, attempts to reflect and consider the current status of knowledge and development in the biomass energy and chemicals field. It covers topics such as combustion, gasification, alcohol fuels, liquefaction, whole tree chipping, baling, and fuel consumption. It deals not only with wood but also with agricultural wastes such as rice hulls, cotton gin trash, and other crop residuals. This book begins with a review of biomass energy development. This is followed by discussions of the integration of biomass into the total fuels community; the growth in understanding of biomass combustion; the use of European technology. Subsequent chapters present a review of supply issues; a technical evaluation of cogeneration; and a thoughtful, future-oriented, position paper in biomass fuels for energy security.