Creating Media for Learning

Student-Centered Projects Across the Curriculum

Sam Gliksman

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Pädagogik


Help Students Show Learning Through Media CreationEducation hinges on effective communication. This book demonstrates how media has become a core component of modern communication and highlights the need to incorporate student-centered media projects throughout the curriculum. Self-expression with media will enhance the learning process and allow students to creatively demonstrate their knowledge.The strategies and tactics these pages offer equip educators to make their students enthusiastic experts at producing dynamic media projects. Content includes: The how, why, and when of prompting students to create their own media across subjects and grade levels. Keys to mastery of media formats from simple photography to eBooks to complex animations. Detailed descriptions of student projects that utilize different media. The benefits of media sharing, and how to do it responsibly. The innovative use of Augmented Reality, so readers can activate a video on the book's printed pages with their mobile devices.Across all disciplines, mastery of media creation is central to the success of current and next generation students. Educators who implement this book's ideas will be amazed by the resultant increase in student engagement and depth of learning."e;What a thoughtful collection of student-created products. This book highlights a variety of multimedia projects, offers a multitude of best practices and practical implementation tips, and is sure to empower teachers to help students find their voice."e;Lisa Johnson, Eanes ISD Ed Tech @TechChef4u

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