Actual Love: A Novel Inspired By True Events

Logan Kevin Logan

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Belletristik / Gegenwartsliteratur (ab 1945)


Reverend David Jackson is plagued by nightmares. When he falls asleep on a flight out of Tel Aviv and screams "e;Kill her!,"e; Dave is tempted to pass off the nightmare to worried flight attendants as the result of a bad bagel. But deep inside, he knows the shout was intended for his wife. After he is reprimanded for causing midair panic, the reverend reflects on his ruinous life thirteen weeks earlier. Without a sign of the son he yearned for and his job and marriage in jeopardy, Dave was in despair-until he received news of a Dead Sea scroll find. Now as Dave resumes deciphering the scroll that divulges the siege of Masada in 74 AD through the eyes of Mary, a poignant love story is revealed. Now only time will tell if their ancient love can save Dave and Colette and a lovelorn modern world. Actual Love shares the tale of one man's journey to the truth as a Dead Sea scroll is unfurled and exposes an unforgettable love story.