Lolita and Chaplin Secrets: Joyful Thursday

Lasheras Marta Lasheras

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Belletristik / Fantasy


The mermaids send Lolita and Chaplin on a magical journey of enlightenment. Together, the two girls ride in Lolita's Jeep with their friendly Scottish terrier, Aika, through Chile. They seek the Zen Gallery of Elqui Valley to visit a wise and wonderful teacher. He will guide them to fulfill their mission-but they have to find him first! As they travel, helpful friends guide the way. They travel through a land close to heaven, filled with energy, magnetism, and vitality. Green mountains and fields surround them as they breathe bright, pure air. Lolita and Chaplin eventually have to leave their Jeep behind and ride beautiful horses instead as the journey continues. Eventually, the two girls find the Zen Gallery. There, they meet a fairy and unicorn-magical creatures indeed! The fairy gives them a gift: the celebration of Joyful Thursday. Each week, they are to enjoy life with family and friends. Language: English-Spanish (Bilingual)

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