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Cancer, I Love You

Dr. Alexandre Rushenas

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


Do you hate your Cancer? Do you feel at war with your cancer and think you must fight it at any cost? The word Cancer is one of the most traumatic and devastating words for humankind. It carries so many preconceived notions that it has become taboo to utter it aloud among patients who suffer from it, provoking enormous emotional reactions that are a source of anxiety, fear, anger and a loss of control over one’s own life. In Cancer, I Love You, Dr Alexandre Rushenas opens your eyes toward a new way of seeing not only the world but of interacting with your body and Cancer. By discovering a new theory and learning about the existence of a powerful means of communication between you and your cells, Dr Rushenas gives you an unprecedented tool that will help bring new meaning to the word Cancer and eliminate the negative ideas and emotions that it currently evokes.

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