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Bill Durks How I See Him: A Fictional Story Inspired By the Truths I Know

Kathy Ciulla

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


All at once the person in front of me moved aside, and it was my turn. I walked slowly with my Dad, up close to him. This monster was real! Two noses far apart from each other with one nostril each, a strange big gap in the center of his upper lip, and three eyes! I do remember thinking that the eye in the middle didn't really look like an eye, and I later learned that he drew the middle eye on for a more dramatic look, but that didn't matter now. The other two eyes were spread far apart, aligning with the two noses. And here I am looking at him. And he was looking at me! I held my Dad's hand a little tighter. Then the monster man spoke.

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