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Management Done Right: The Massive Difference Between Logical and Emotional Management

Harold Smart

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Harold Smart has been leading people of all ages since he was in his teens, and to get the job done, he’s had to live up to his last name. For instance, when he teamed up with his brother-in-law to open a service station in a mid-sized town, a competitor told them they’d be out of business in six months. Someone was out of business that soon—but not them! In this guide for business professionals, Smart shuns excuses from managers and business owners who don’t get the job done. He reveals how to: avoid flawed management models; cultivate loyalty among employees; eliminate unnecessary layers of management; and succeed by keeping things as simple as possible. When you come right down to it, good management is all about solving problems. To get better at problem solving, it’s imperative that you listen to people who’ve been in the trenches fixing things their entire lives.

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