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How to Drive Like a Christian: A Lighthearted Guide to Success On the Highway and On the Road of Life

Terri Cox

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Our emotions can get the best of us—especially when we climb behind the wheel of a car. Why is it that a perfectly nice Christian person can absolutely “lose their religion” once they head down the road? It’s a challenge we all face, but help is on the way! How to Drive Like a Christian addresses this struggle, but with humor and practical advice. Author Terri Cox shares engaging personal anecdotes alongside poignant Bible lessons, and you will learn how to integrate these biblical lessons into your everyday life on the highway. Each chapter also features a look at how these driving dilemmas parallel our lives as Christians as we safely move along the Christian road with patience, perseverance, and courage. The apostle Paul reminds us that God will never give us more than we can handle—even when we are behind the wheel in the worst traffic jam!

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