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Omankha Birth & Rise of a Starseed: The Lion of Yehuda Polarity Integration Volume 1

Alphael E. Wizdom

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Belletristik / Science Fiction, Fantasy


Omankha is a starseed from our galactic neighborhood cluster. His soul combines three fractional souls from three different planets. The Hunta empire who colonizing the 9th sector of our Milky Way galaxy cluster doesn't intend to let the mother give birth to Omankha for imperial security reasons. With all the available and possible help Maya can get, from the Alkebulan sisterhood, from the Ray Squad, from her sisters, and even from the feline family, his starseed family, the thriller of trying to keep him alive is breathtaking. Understanding the origin of the human race from the perspective of which the universal game was originally created is a tremendous eye-opener allowing the reader to understand the involvement of our galactic founder in human and planetary affairs. Planet Shan has been the center of multiple altercations since its inception. Omankha's journey definitely unraveled reality and shed the light on how soul arrives in our planet and how the galaxy is involved in our internal affairs.

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