Prisoner of Hope: A Young Woman's Terrifying Experience and Courageous Escape from a Modern-day Cult.

Slater Lawrence C. Slater

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Walter Fitzpatrick is a noted Rochester, New York, psychiatrist whose life of fifty-two years has been ended by a single gunshot wound to the head. As the local police department begins its investigation, it appears Fitzpatrick, who specializes in religious cults, has died from suicide. But has he really? While detective Ben Hackett delves into the evidence, Dr. Fitzpatrick's children become immersed in the aftermath. Kelly is a psychologist from Seattle, Washington. Her wayward twin brother, Kyle, is battling several inner demons. Meanwhile just eighteen miles away, Rosie Sable is just one of several young people being held in a cult compound ruled by the cruel Jonathan Creed. Rosie, who once met Dr. Fitzpatrick, secretly reads his book, clinging to its message of hope and freedom.

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