Ongoing Preparation: Thoughts & Tales

Ascension Process & Unification Systems

Crown Burton

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They say there is nothing new under the sun; well Ongoing Preparation takes you beyond that life point. Expressed in a (n) urban yet literal fashion, this book is full of fresh ideas, knowledge and spiritual wisdom. Complete as a compilation of poems, thoughts, short stories, scripts and art, Ongoing Preparation has information for everyone. Writings such as Breaking Barriers, Prophecy of a Sinner, or The Mighty Mighty touch the souls of readers, while art such as The Equation of Infinity opens the expanding universe to readers. In the Ongoing Preparation of Life, this book is a sure guide and map into the known and unknown existence of self and life. "e;Life, the destiny of man- easy to begin, complicated to follow. Complications not from physical obstacles, but a simple thought process of following righteousness."e; -Destiny (1st Edt.)- Ongoing Preparation Book 1 is a collection of three editions written between 2002 - 2011. The 3rd edition titled "e;Ongoing Preparation: Thoughts & Tales (Ascension Process & Unification Systems)"e; embodies all three editions to complete Ongoing Preparation Book 1.

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