God's Most Precious Gift: The Bottom Pane Baby

Insight Into the Humorous World Between Crawling and Walking

John P. Turlington

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God's Most Precious Gift: The Bottom Pane Baby. Insight Into the Humorous World Between Crawling and Walking is about the extraordinary life of a baby between the period when they stop crawling and start walking. This book chronicles the author's experiences with the funny things they say and do, the way they express their anger and joy, the way they dislike car seats, long trips, baths, playpens, highchairs and more. Share the experiences of mispronounced words, their infatuation with toy stores, the McDonald's playground, cartoons and going to grandma and grandpa's house. Rediscover how their presence in your life can rejuvenate your youth and offer a means of reliving your childhood. These are some of the most precious and pivotal years of their lives, as well as yours. The memories made during this period will live in your heart forever.

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