Focusing Change To Win

Leadership Change Manual

Nick Anderson, Kelly Nwosu

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Why do some companies thrive on change and others barely survive? Why will people resist this change? How can this change give us competitive advantage in a dynamic market?After conducting a global survey with 1072 business leaders, analyzing over 6,617 contributor's comments from 19 industry sectors, this book reveals practical tools to help you: Compare what you are doing with what other organizations do Assess your organizational competitive advantage To track and measure change performance Anticipate and minimize employees resistance Communicate to engage employees effectivelyWhat should readers of this book come away with? Questionnaires designed to engage both formal and informal change management and leadership to rate your organization's performance in terms of measuring change performance, assessing competitive advantage. thriving and surviving through change as well as communicating and implementing change. A process to facilitate leaders in selecting those questions which are most relevant to their change and then reach a consensus on change improvement areas.

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