Helicopter Flight Training

Lesson Plans for Students & Instructors with Questions Plus a Lot More

Ron Newman

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I've always enjoyed passing knowledge onto others, and in a career spanning over 50 years with varied experiences, I've gained a lot of experience to pass on, and this book is a means of passing that knowledge on to aspiring students and would be, or existing, instructors. This book covers all the sequences required through to a commercial pilot licence, plus night flying and basic instrument flying, and each lesson plan is designed to bring the student up to a high standard of proficiency, not just the minimum required standard. Not only does it go into detail as to what should be taught, it details what the student can expect from each lesson, how to conduct themselves within that lesson, and at the end of each lesson there's a number of revision questions, with answers at the end of the book. Safety is uppermost in my approach to training and all other aspects of aviation, and it shows in this publication. For instructors, it gives an insight into how various sequences should be taught, what the instructor can expect from the student, and what they should expect from themselves.

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