Best Served Cold

Akintunde Akinkunmi

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It is a story about Mike, a Nigerian-born lawyer turned investment banker in the City of London. Despite career and financial success, he is not wholly happy with his job and his life. A chance encounter at the theatre with an old school friend launches him on a second career of public service back home in Nigeria. In addition to finding contentment in doing a worthwhile job, he also finds love, and marries Ronke, a fellow returnee from the UK, with whom he starts a family. The trouble begins when he refuses to indulge in the standard Nigerian game of bending rules and cutting corners on a big Ports privatization project in which his erstwhile boss, a former Minister who successfully runs for election as a State Governor, has an interest. The Governor's shadowy financial backers take a dim view of this, and decide to teach Mike a lesson in the realities of politics and business in Nigeria; it goes horribly wrong, and Mike's wife and twin son and daughter end up dead. With the help of two maverick members of a shadowy elite unit within the Nigeria Police, Mike sets out to bring his family's killers to justice. But how does one reach a serving Governor with immunity from prosecution, and the shadowy business and criminal community with whom he's entwined? Mike and his friends develop a plan to do just that, that takes the story at a fast past pace through various parts of Nigeria, via Dubai and several parts of the USA, to the final denouement in a New York courtroom.

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