Ruff-Around Politics

The Political Candidate's Guide to Earning &quote;a&quote; Vote

Buster The Dog, Billy Aivaz

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In addition to the information contained in the "e;Short Description,"e; Ruff-Around Politics addresses issues pertaining to campaign protocols, voter registration and identification, national and world security, the media's role in politics, and matters of "e;life."e; Also, and in some regards most importantly, those who are blind are encouraged to consider involvement in American politics and government because of their unique internal capacities as human beings, and because, according to an interview I heard with a blind American man, those who are blind are routinely told they are not "e;able"e; to do things that those with vision can do. As the blind man said and I wholeheartedly agree, people who have the desire and determination to accomplish something can be successful if they apply themselves with an attitude of success rather than failure. This book soundly embraces that philosophy and specifically to and for those who are blind. Of course there is plenty of related information which pertains to those of us with vision should pay attention to and hopefully will realize some benefit from. It all really depends on whether or not we, as a civil people, will remain complacent with things as they are or if we will work together to improve life in America . . . for our children, especially.

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