Help Your Child Grow While You Stay Calm

Parenting a 6-Month to 3-Year Old Child

Sara Bigwood

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This book helps you be the parent and the grandparent of 6-month to a 3-year old child. It is structured so that you learn about the pillars of parenting before you dive in the stages of development. You will learn how to be the mother, the father, and the grandparent. Each section is divided by development stages so that you know exactly what it is to be a mother of a 6-month old baby or 2-year old toddler. It is filled with tips and examples that color the text and inspire. Then you learn what it is to be a baby. You will learn about development stages divided by 3 months sections. It provides a clear view of what to expect by age and is clearly identified in the index. Each stage is explained and supported by theory. You will learn about the Piaget stages of development or how Witgostky explains learning. Throughout the book, you will find coaching points that address specific topics like a coach would do. It gives perspective and new insight. The last section is dedicated to ways to manage typical situations such as potty training, the anxiety of being separated, eating patterns, biting, quarrel between brother and sister... This book is thorough, easy to read and acts like a loving grandmother who shares all her parenting secrets.

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