What Does GOD Do All Day?


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Written over three decades, What does God do all day? is a cohesive, unified principle of existence. Torpid recognition of OmniGod did not occur at once, but evolved over more than two decades. Stubbornness and ancient, illiterate preconceived whimsies hindered the author's sapient comprehension and recognition; however, numerous experiences began to destroy utterly these hindrances, each increasing enlightenments, until the self-imposed dam of ignorance collapsed and baptisms of literate rationalities began as corrupting ignorant prejudices disappeared. The commonsense, yet provocative, text encompasses numerous aspects of rationally literate articles upon religions, philosophies, sex, sciences, education, reasoning, environments, evolution and genetics, governments, crimes and punishments, economics, health, and intuitive truths, including many diverse poignant subtopics and some appropriate (enlightening) textual illustrations. Additionally, the text includes a few innovative terms, definitions, and laws. Emphasis upon literacy, rational reasoning, assiduous responsibility, and integrity are incessant throughout, being redundant, however never prolixious. Most subjects are not extensive, but a broad range of concise erudite statements, possessing tenacious efforts toward scrupulous accuracy: a compendium, unlike pedantic studies of any particular subject. Because of its diverse topics, it includes four substantive indexes: species (more than 575 entries), chemicals (more than 275), persons (more than 1000), and abbreviations (more than 100).

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