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The Laws That Govern the Roulette Wheel

Beng M. Jabier

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Beng M. Javier offers Roulette Seminars to organizations as long as they are non-profit & charitable. Registration fee is required to Help defray miscellaneous expenses.Also founder and advocate for the non-profi t club called objective is to help ventures benefi t more from the Casino visits without too much remorse from losing as a casualty by using highly acclaimed, lucrative discoveries and strategic ways of Betting, without too much losses and/ or investments preventing wanton gambling. She is also a Certifi ed, Registered Hypnotherapist and a member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists, She has her own Wellness Clinic using alternative medicines and food nutrients useful in preventing Cancer, Alzheimers, Lung Problems from smoking, weight-loss, Attention Defi cit Disorders, memory loss, depression, and many others.