Wall Between Us

An Exciting Sequel to ''The Imperfect Circle'' - Mystery, Murder and Romance

Alyce F. Norris

ca. 5,97
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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Just when she thought it was over, Michelle Andrews found herself facing moredramatic changes in her life; ones that involved a marriage request, a murder, and a fourgeneration secret. Her friendship with Dr. Peter Driscoll was becoming more thancomfortable and after getting settled in her own condo and learning how to live alone andloving it, Pete proposed. Her time as a volunteer at a Woman's Shelter opened up a whole new world ofrelationships creating a circle of friends that didn't know they were related, except by theappearance of a mystifying birthmark. The sudden appearance of a dead body, the collapse of a long standing businessand the people involved, began to twist and turn until Michelle finds herself in the middleof a police investigation, friends in jeopardy and the answer to a long lost child. The Wall Between Us is the story of Michelle's struggle for a normal life and thesimple things in that life being plagued with outrageous events.