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Land of the Cold Sky Book 2

Shane Mcquaid Series

Bruce Dunavin

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The emotional and deeply spiritual conclusion to Book 1. This is an epic Christian love story to rival that of Romeo and Juliet. A mountain man (Shane McQuaid) found the love of his life (Becky) in a Ute village and with the grace and blessing of God, marries her. This second book begins where book 1 left off as they leave the Indian village that has been Beckys home for many years. The newlyweds set out on a dangerous journey to a cabin on the slopes of Buffalo Peaks. Shane hasnt seen his folks for over two years and they think he is dead. He wants to stop by the ranch and see them on the way to Buffalo Peaks. The threat continues as evil men seek to own the horse Shane rides and will do anything to possess this magical mare. They succeed in kidnapping Becky and are on their way to Denver where they will turn her over to the head of The Syndicate, Lou Blonger. He will trade her for the horse or sell her into slavery; whichever will make him the most money. He would also kill Shane, take the horse and keep Becky if that is an option. He is the personification of evil. The setting for this magnificent story is central Colorado in the latter half of the 1800s before law and order was established and before the railroads brought politicians, bankers, businessmen, lawyers and hoards of people that will eventually be the beginning of the end of the American West. Along the way there are other exciting tributaries to the main plot such as an unimaginable flash flood, tales of survival, death, western justice, supernatural healing, humor, hot springs, other mountain men, a rancher who has no use for politicians or lawyers, fur trappers, bandits, preachers, a dog with near human qualities, cruelty, loneliness, unmitigated happiness and more. There is even an improbable chess game. This book was written by a devout Christian for other Christian believers but will be an unforgettable read for anyone who likes to see good triumph over evil. This book will bring tears to your eyes; it will make your heart sing! This love story is painted against the backdrop of the awesome grandeur that is the Rocky Mountains. The author describes in great detail the feeling of standing on top of a 14,000-foot mountain to look down on eagles in flight. There is so much more to this book than can be described on one page. If you want a book you will cherish and be proud to give to a friend; pick this one up and read it. You will enjoy reading it more than once. It would make a movie the likes of which only comes along once in a lifetime.

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