December Monthly Collection, Grade 5

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The December Monthly Collection for fifth grade is aligned to current state standards and saves valuable prep time for centers and independent work. The included December calendar is filled with notable events and holidays, and the included blank calendar is editable, allowing the teacher to customize it for their classroom. Student resource pages are available in color and black and white. Additional collection resources include:*Reading: inferring, cause and effect, comprehension*Prepositional phrases*Opinion writing*Dividing decimals*Dividing decimals word problems*Fractions: equivalent, least common denominator, simplify*Adding and subtracting fractions*Computer Science vocabulary*Homework BINGO*Winter Reading logThe December Monthly Collection for fifth grade can be used in or out of the classroom to fit the teachers' needs and help students stay engaged.Each Monthly Collection is designed to save teachers time, with grade-appropriate resources and activities that can be used alongside classroom learning, as independent practice, center activities, or homework. Each one includes ELA, Math, and Science resources in a monthly theme, engaging students with timely and interesting content. All Monthly Collections included color and black and white student pages, an answer key, and editable calendars for teachers to customize.This resource may be printed and photocopied for use in a single classroom only.

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