An Executive’s Guide to Software Quality in an Agile Organization

A Continuous Improvement Journey

Navid Nader-Rezvani

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Utilize a set of practical guidelines to help your Agile organization elevate software design quality as an important business driver to achieve customer satisfaction and, ultimately, higher revenue for your company. This is the first book to focus on a holistic quality view—what it is and how it links to overall business enhancements.

The real-world examples used in this book allow you to learn and apply similar strategies and guidelines to help create a quality blueprint for your organization. Five pillars of quality are defined that can be used for any industry and, once internalized, can serve as a set of tools to continuously improve and measure the key factors impacting quality.

What You’ll Learn

  • Be aware of the key elements in any transformation that involves culture
  • Link quality and business outcomes
  • Understand quality and its holistic definition and why continuous improvement is still a relevant approach in enhancing quality
  • Follow guidelines with specific examples that can be applied to any product release in any type of industry to improve quality and enhance Agile processes
  • Utilize relevant metrics to measure and continuously improve to make incremental positive changes

Who This Book Is For

Individuals at various levels in organizations—from Agile scrum teams, all the way up to executive leadership

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