Practical Tinker Board

Getting Started and Building Projects with the ASUS Single-Board Computer

Liz Clark

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Get started with the ASUS Tinker Board and begin building and expanding your own projects. This book covers the basic operating systems offered by ASUS for the Tinker Board and Tinker Board S, TinkerOS and Android, and then dives deeper into its capabilities for projects; such as a music streamer or a weather display with internet connectivity. Beginners will find the resources necessary to follow along and more seasoned makers can review additional information to engage with this new single-board computer platform. The projects are broad enough to show off the capability of the Tinker Board’s hardware and they can be used as is or you can add to them based on your skill level. The ASUS Tinker Board offers an increase in hardware specs and, as a result, is more powerful compared to other single-board computers on the market, making it a great option for projects that would have previously been a challenge to run on other boards, such as the Raspberry Pi. Single-board computers in general are also gaining in popularity as solutions for many DIY tech projects, ranging from gaming to file storage to being a small form factor desktop Linux computer. Practical Tinker Board is a great resource to the maker community, enabling people to begin truly exploring the Tinker Board. What You’ll Learn:Review ASUS Tinker Board's capabilities and functionsGain a deeper understanding of different Linux distributionsBuild useful projects with a range of hardware and softwareTake an in-depth look at how to install, configure and use ASUS Tinker Board in projectsWho This Book Is For:Those who have previously worked on some beginner maker projects, such as basic Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects, and are looking to expand their skills and knowledge of Linux, single board computers, programming and project builds. 



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