Practical Application Development with AppRun

Building Reliable, High-Performance Web Apps Using Elm-Inspired Architecture, Event Pub-Sub, and Components

Yiyi Sun

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Explore the concepts, patterns, and architecture behind AppRun applications. With this end-to-end guide, you will be able to build web apps fast to the market with the low learning curve and high development productivity.

You will learn how to break down the application logic into three decoupled parts: state, view, and update. You will then see how to connect web page events to the AppRun event life-cycle, route user interactions, access data from the remote servers, compose the user interface using components, and integrate 3rd party libraries.

Following examples of various apps, such as the counter app, to-do app, weather app, hacker news reader app, and blog app, you will have all the techniques for developing your AppRun apps including the line of business apps.  You will also review wider development concepts such as using strongly typed states practically, unit testing strategies for app state changes, time travel debugging, async web API invocation, server-side virtual DOM, module compilation optimization, the developer tools, and more.

What You'll Learn
  • Use AppRun to develop web apps end-to-end
  • Understand the technology behind AppRun
  • Evaluate and compare architecture design
  • Develop applications using Elm architecture, event publication and subscription, and components. 
Who This Book Is For 

Web app developers and architects; useful for beginners learning front-end development and more experienced developers interested in learning about AppRun and modern development concepts and principles more generally

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