UX for Developers

How to Integrate User-Centered Design Principles Into Your Day-to-Day Development Work

Westley Knight

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Become more mindful of the user when building digital products, and learn how to integrate a user-centered approach into your thinking as a web or app developer. This book shows you how the user experience is the responsibility of everyone involved in creating the product and how to redefine development principles when building user-centered digital products.There are still many organizations that are not design driven, and the gap between stereotypical design and development teams needs to be bridged in order to build digital products that cater to the needs of real people. We are at a point where we see organizations that cannot bring the user experience into their core thinking falling behind their competitors. You'll see how to increase the level of UX maturity within any organization by tackling what is possibly the biggest stumbling block that stands between design and development: putting user needs ahead of system efficiency. UX for Developers shows how you can adjust your focus in order to be more mindful of the user when building digital products. Learn to care about what you build, not just for the system’s sake, but for those who will use what you build.What You'll LearnUnderstand what it means to build websites and applications for the user, rather than from a developer’s perspective.Review the soft skills required to build more usable digital productsDiscover the tools and techniques to adopt a user-focused approach to development.Improve communication throughout design and development, especially between developers and non-developers.Who This Book Is ForPrimary audience is Web/app developers that are looking to understand what it takes to build usable digital products. Secondary audience is UX Designers who are looking to understand the viewpoint of developers; Project managers and stakeholders who need to facilitate better working relationships between developers and designers.

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