Principal Infectious Diseases of Childhood, 2nd Edition

Nelles Silverthorne, M. Shusterman, C.S. Anglin, et al.

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This authoritative handbook, with its clear, concise descriptions of the important features of many common infectious diseases, will serve as a valuable guide for medical students and physicians in general paediatric practice. The authors' aim throughout has been to provide details of the usual clinical picture, the management, and the preventive or control measures widely accepted in these common infections. Tey have emphasized differential diagnosis, comparing the principal infectious diseases, particularly those with a specific rash, to other diseases with similar features, in an effort to clarify some of the essential differential diagnostic points in these diseases.Dr. Anglin and Dr. Shusterman have collaborated with Dr. Silverthorne in preparing this revision, which contains important new sections on virus infections and on ocular diseases.When the first edition of this book was published in 1958, Acta Paediatrica wrote: 'Dr. Silverthornehas intended this concise but complete volume for the use of medical students and general practitioners. Compact in its format, and easily read, it will make a useful and valuable addition to any medical library.Particular mention should be made of the section dealing with infections in the newborn period. This rather large area is admirably well condensed, and the important points in diagnosis and management are forcefully brought out. Although not intended as a textbook it should prove exceedingly useful as a guide to the physician who daily sees the conditions which comprise its contents."e;