Pioneer Settlements in Upper Canada

Edwin C. Guillet

ca. 18,35
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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Geschichte


The settlement of Upper Canada began in the Detroit river district where there were several hundred people living before the close of the French regime. Between 1785 and 1800 colonization continued with the arrival of Loyalists and other settlers, including a contingent of German mercenaries who fought for George III during the American Revolution. Pioneers continued to come in large numbers to the unsettled areas of the province for the next 75 years and these later settlers often suffered hardships greater than those experienced by the Loyalists. This is the story of these early settlements in Upper Canada.The author, a distinguished Canadian historian, has drawn on contemporary letters, diaries, newspapers, and periodicals; he has consulted all the existing histories, and has supplemented these researches with interviews with persons who had contacts with early life in the province. The numerous illustrations included accurately depict the era.This book was originally part of Early Life in Upper Canada, by far the finest social and economic history of the area yet compiled. It is being printed separately to make more widely available this important and engrossing description of the early settlement of Ontario.Informative, accurate and delightfully readable, this volume brings to life the pioneers of Ontario and vividly recreates their experiences.