Baby for the Boss

Maureen Child

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A surprise pregnancy looms large in this will-they-won't-they romance from the USA Today-bestselling author of Having Her Boss's Baby.When Jenny Marshall meets gaming tycoon Mike Ryan, she thinks she's met The One. But when he realizes she's his competitor's niece he believes she's spying on him. Jenny thinks she's done with Mike . . . until she gets a new job-and he's her boss! His angelic-looking employee is more temptation than Mike can resist-even if he still can't trust her. Now, she's pregnant with his baby. Is she playing the most elaborate game of all . . . or could mother and child be his if only he opens his guarded heart?"e;Reading this novel you may think you are being transported into a love story with a bit of a different point of view. Overall this is a great story full of complications and ending with a love stronger than time."e; -Harlequin Junkie

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