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From Four Words to Art Forms

Be Creative

William C. Papke

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Belletristik / Lyrik, Dramatik


If you enjoy a detective story or you enjoy learning about American history in a creative, fun, art-filled kind of way, look into this book. I will show you two pieces of art that I was able to make from words and signatures in the order they were written in history. The Declaration of Independence was my first piece of art form that took some time to create, but nothing like the piece of art from the Gettysburg Address. In this book, I use art to show how President Lincoln saved the United States of America from a civil war that was splitting our nation. I also was able to find some of the hidden clues left inside these documents that are not hidden at all. You just have to put the clues together. The four additional pieces of art from the Gettysburg Address project show my talents by making something for the soldiers: The Gettysburg Bell, The Soldiers Cross, Five 1 Cents Given Five 1 Cents Found, and President Lincolns Scottish Four-Leaf Clover show my love for all people. The President Kennedy Did Ask piece of art I created is my response to his speech Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. This book is what I did for my country. Just as blind people use Braille to read things, my pieces of art may speak to those who cannot read or understand the written word. Maybe the art open their minds in other positive ways. Everyone learns in different ways. Some of us who have all of our senses have never learned how to connect with some aspects of life. My art is an attempt to find a way to share history with all people.

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