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I Was Told That He Wouldn’t Survive

My Dear Son

Jodi Lenaghen Daly

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Just weeks after Jodi Lenaghen Daly miscarried the first of her twins, she began feeling pain in her abdomen. Five months pregnant and terrified, Jodi was rushed to the hospital where she was told that if she gave birth, it was likely her son would not survive. After nine days of labor and agonizing worry, Jodi gave birth to a tiny baby. Little Michael James weighed just one pound, twelve ounces. In a candid retelling of her life before, during, and after his birth, Jodi details how she became determined to help her son overcome every obstacle before him, despite the demands that accompanied her life as a single mother. As she reveals how she focused on raising Michael while researching how to help him persevere through his difficulties and mature into a responsible and healthy adult, Jodi provides inspiration and hope to other mothers feeling overwhelmed with the challenges of caring for a child with special abilities. I Was Told That He Wouldn’t Survive shares the true story of a single mother’s journey through love, perseverance, and hope after her son was born fifteen weeks premature.

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