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Our Fathers’ America

Pat Riot

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When the Founding Fathers formed the United States of America, they envisioned a free and independent nation that would advance the cause of liberty forever. But does America today hold true to their ideals? For too long now, we, the citizens of this nation, have seen our rights erode again and again as our Constitution is trampled upon by the left with their deafening cries of tolerance, political correctness, and social justice. Today, our culture stands at one of the greatest crossroads our nation has ever faced as America teeters between two opposing world views—the original intent of our Framers who believed our rights came from Almighty God through the Christian religion and the great “deceivers” of the atheistic left who desire to replace our American form of government with their own Socialistic and Communistic regimes. Which road will we take? Will we stand and fight for what we have been privileged to enjoy for almost two hundred and fifty years? Or will we hand over our country, our freedoms, and our rights for a “better” system—a police-state where speech is suppressed, free thought is criminalized, and our rights are trampled upon? Pat Riot’s timely voice calls all Americans to remember what being American means and serves as a warning for those who would take freedom for granted.

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