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'Twas Two Christmases

A Frazzled Tale and The Tree Ornament's Gift

Diana Warren

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‘Twas Two Christmases: A Frazzled Tale and The Tree Ornament’s Gift is a whimsical two-part story for families to enjoy as they gather around the Christmas tree each season. Joe, the hand-carved red fox, and his animal ornament friends, are brought to life through the bond of an honorable soldier and his grieving son's Christmas wishes. Every Christmas season, generation after generation, the family is blessed with these helpful ornaments, called the Trust League by their maker.

The Trust League's Directives:

-Encourage Christmas Season traditions for the family.

- Initiate new traditions for future generations.

The delightful animal characters' busy antics, along with their determination to continue Christmas traditions, makes ‘Twas Two Christmases: A Frazzled Tale and The Tree Ornament’s Gift a heartwarming storybook. It will likely be unpacked every year from the storage box labeled CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS.

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