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"Gordy-Isms" Book Two

Uplifting and Thought-Provoking Quotes; Proverbial Dung from the Mountain-Top

Gordon L Ewell

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Ratgeber / Lebenshilfe, Alltag


You better think of something positive, uplifting, motivational or funny and hold onto it tight; because the pain is coming! That is what then wounded warrior, and now author Gordon L Ewell used to tell himself every morning prior to the surgeries, and the therapies, that faced him every day during a long and arduous six year recovery after being severely wounded in 2006 during the war in Iraq. He began to share his positive and uplifting thoughts with other Soldiers in the hospitals, trying to give them something to hold onto as well to get them through their day! It caught on quickly, and so began the birth of Gordy-isms, Inspiring, Inspirational, and Thought Provoking Quotes to help everyone start their day! Gordon L Ewell (US Army Retired) served in the war in Iraq. He had one of the most dangerous missions; find the roadside bombs. He completed 59 combat missions, was blown-up on six different occasions, and saved countless lives. He was also severely wounded in the process. Blessed to cheat death on so many occasions, he now seeks to greet each day with a positive energy that is contagiously caring, light-hearted and motivational. This collection of his quotes was gathered during six very long and intense years he spent on his Recovery Road. His quotes will make you laugh, smile, and feel good all over and what an awesome way to start the day!

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