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Tangra's Way

Blueprint for an Indian Parliament of the Americas

Theodari Dobrovidel

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Schule und Lernen / Schulbücher Allgemeinbildende Schulen


In this book, Theodari discusses how a Parliament could be constructed and run for Native Americans of South and North America. This Parliament will be for pure and mixed blood Native Americans, so it includes vast quantities of people from Latin America, where the majority of the people north of Chile, Argentina and Uruguay are mixed blood, having significant American Indian blood. This Parliament will be financed by VOLUNTARY contributions from its constituents rather than mandatory taxes, and the members of this Parliament will be categorized into American Indian linguistic groups that they belong to already, or that they belong to geographically for those mixed blood Indians who no longer speak an American Indian language. The members of this Parliament will mediate every day the Parliament is in sessions, to receive information from God and other Divine beings that is pertinent to their constituents. The men and women of this Parliament will be equal in number and will have separate but equal roles in the Parliament. This Parliament will greatly further the cause of American Indian sovereignty in the Americas. This Parliament, when successful, will serve as a model for other ethnic or racial based Parliaments around the world. .

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