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Open the Safe of Affirmations for Success

AJ Rolls

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A. J. Rolls has provided you self-empowering success affirmations. Success affirmations speak to and command the elements of the universe to give you what to say. We are reminded in and by the Bible to “command you me.” When you make verbal commands, you are activating the law of cause and effect. In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light,” and light appeared. God used words to command the elements to form the universe, to form earth, and to form you. You have been empowered to speak the word and get the result—in that, you are part of this universal power expressed in the physical form. You have the powers of the universe within you. You have the power that created you within you. You have the power that created the air that you breathe within you. You have the power of God in you. Open the Safe of Affirmations for Success is a quick work. You will experience immediate results once you start saying your success affirmations each day.