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A Guide to Practical Living

Insights from the Epistle of James

William Golson Jr.

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These Jewish Christians were having some problems in their personal lives and in their church fellowship. They were going through difficult testing. They were also facing temptations to sin. Some of the believers were catering to the rich, while others were being robbed by the rich. Church members were competing for offices in the church, particularly teaching offices. Many failed to live what they professed to believe. Furthermore, the tongue was a serious problem, even to the point of creating wars and divisions in the assembly. Worldliness was another problem. Some of the members were disobeying Gods Word and were sick physically because of it, and some were straying from the Lord and the church. As we review this list of problems, it does not appear to be much different from the problems that beset the average local church today. Is not worldliness a serious problem? Are there not Christians who cannot control their tongues? All these problems had a common causea lack of spiritual maturity. These Christians were simply not growing up. Contrary to what we might think, not everyone who grows old grows up. There is a difference between age and maturity.

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