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Death in Titipu

Barbara Yates Rothwell

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


In early 2016, my book Death at the Festival was published by Trafford. It was my first entry into writing a crime novel though I have written several short stories in the genre. This is the second, Death in Titipu. Like the first, it draws on my musical training; the previous one used a classical music festival as its background. This new book brings to life a small-town performance of the famous Gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Mikado, which, as devotees will recall, takes place in the town of Titipu. Who has taken all the fun out of it by killing . . . ? But read the book, and all will be revealed. There was a time within our memory when the police had fewer aids to assist in their search for the criminal than our contemporary peace keepers have access to. This story takes place at that time.

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