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The Responsibility of Manhood

Jeffrey Bernard Bowens AS BS MSM

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Ratgeber / Familie


The purpose of this book is to help men find direction in life. To serve as a guide to the young men who do not have a father figure in their life. When we are not careful, we may take the wrong turn in life. The wrong turn could be the difference between life, death, failure, or success. We follow a day by day journey praying to strengthen our relationship with GOD. Men are created in the image of GOD. Sometimes as men we seem to forget what is important. What is important is our health, family and fatherhood. GOD wants us to believe in him and serve while helping others believe in him. So many people are in doubt and have given up on their dreams. The life they have lived and the things that happen around them cause them to lose faith. We must have faith even when it seems that what we are seeking is impossible. So many people miss out on their dreams because they don’t have faith. We are images of GOD and through him everything is possible. Never believe there is something in life you can’t accomplish. Our values and accomplishments in life set the direction for young boys growing up. Boys model themselves after their fathers. What they see their fathers do is what helps develop their manhood. For example, if the father is loving, supportive, and kind around the boy then the behavior will be recognized, and the boy usually models the same behavior. We pray for GOD to give us the strength to make the right decisions. We pray so that as men although we are not perfect can set a good example for young men. Finally, we pray for changes to occur in our lives so we can develop a relationship with GOD. Men are supposed to provide and protect the family. Today’s men are not playing their roles as fathers and husbands. So many men feel they are not doing what is expected of them because of the society. Times have changed, and life is a lot more difficult to live. Remember. If you don’t run into difficult obstacles, then you won’t learn anything. The brain must be unlocked and the more you learn the more knowledge you possess. Remember never put a limitation on how far you can go in life because through hard work you can accomplish great things. For example, the soul is as important to a body as DNA is to a cell. Without the soul, the body will not function; just as a cell cannot function without DNA. Remember that through God we can do all things, and he is always on our side. Never doubt yourself in any circumstance because you are a child of God.



The responsibility of manhood, Jeffrey Bowens