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The Grand Adventure: Journey from the Castle of Safe

Jackie Matthews

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


I knew youd come back! the prince shouted with joy. Then he pulled back to look at her. She looked so different, especially in her eyes. She looked wise and confident and peaceful, more confident and peaceful than he had ever seen her. When a mysterious visitor arrives at the castle door with an exciting invitation, the young prince and princess must make a difficult choice. Will they stay in the Castle of Safe, where they know everyone and win all the time, or will they accept the invitation to journey out into the Land of Adventure? What happens if they leave the castle and then fail? What will their friends think? Will others stop liking them if they dont always win? This heartwarming and exciting story, written in parable form, will inspire people of all ages to face their fear of failure and challenge themselves to find their true potential. This story teaches important life lessons, including: sometimes the best learning comes from our failures and its your life, so dont worry about what others will think. Life is a gift and a grand adventure. Let your grand adventure begin!