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Remember the Dragonflies

A Memoir of Grief and Healing

Kathy Rhodes

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Kathy Rhodes writes about grief and fear and denial and painand she does it well. She crafts scenes that make us feel like were in the room with her. Highly recommended. Neil White, author of In the Sanctuary of Outcasts. At some point life boils whats in your crucible down to the salt of you. Everything she had depended on her husbandjob, income, identity, companionship, future hopes and dreams, even her houseand then, suddenly, he died. Kathy Rhodes staggers onto the grief road and navigates her way through the fog of disorientation, decisions, death duties, the dreaded firsts, and basic daily survival. She lands a new job, loses it when the company fails, gets another job, loses her mother and her childhood home, then sells her own house and buys a smaller one. Five years down the road, she realizes she has journeyed from our to my. She has built a whole new life. Her journey parallels the metamorphosis of the dragonfly. Dragonflies start out in the water, submerged in the dark, then gradually, in time, find their way to the skies. Rhodes survives the darkest time of her life and makes her way onward and upward. She finds the well place in her heart.