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Feed My Sheep

A Commentary on the First Letter of Peter

Fritz Lenk, Helga Arndt

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


The letter of 1 Peter is sometimes known as the letter of the living hope. Its a letter written by a shepherd who wants to make sure his flock has good instructions on how to live a godly life. The author is Peter, one of Jesus twelve disciples. Silas was Peters scribe. In Feed My Sheep, author and longtime pastor, Fritz Lenk presents a commentary on Peter and uses it as a tool for spiritual growth for Christians. Topics range from holy living, obedience to authorities, and family relations. It further touches on such subjects as suffering injustice at the hand of men and suffering for Jesus sake. It: Offers praises to God for living hope and encouragement to live a holy life Discusses why Christians should abstain from sinful desires, obey earthly authorities, and follow Christs example Points out the obligations of wives and husbands, warning all believers to be compassionate, humble, and live in harmony with one another Tells why in times of suffering, Christians should still praise God Provides instructions for church overseers, admonishing them to practice humility, trust in God, and be alert of the times The commentary, previously published in the German Gospel Trumpet, illuminates Peters message in an easy and understanding way and can help Christians who are seeking to grow in their faith.