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The Omnipresence of Spirituality

Grégoire Jocelyn

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Religion/Theologie


Man is composed of body, mind, and soul--the last two elements being spiritual. Therefore, the common mortal is more spiritual and equipped with the need to prioritize spirituality over materialism, which is certainly not to be overlooked. During our advancements in the course of the pilgrimage, there are five major steps: the presentation in the temple, the entry in a religious assembly, the baptism, the marriage, and the physical death. The emphasis is singularly on the spirituality and is in a luminous language--able to persuade the men and women of Earth of the obligation to give priority to the spirituality. Spirituality is endowed with the eternity, while materialism is based on the longevity, which can last for decades or for millennia, which is nothing next to time, which is eternity. A meticulous selection operates to set us on the narrow path--that of the sacrifices of using our favors to promote the disadvantaged in order to allow for the regeneration of mankind. The life of the grave, the only truth, is within our reach, because we are the privileged derivatives of eternity. Everyone knows that we are created in the image of God and his likeness. Following Gods example and reflecting it in our conduct on the Siena, we are certain, thanks to its amenity, to taste the honey of the world beyond--for only spirituality has the right to sovereign rule.