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The Adam Chronicles

Adam and Eve the Book

George Paul Youket

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


It is the first morning in the Garden of Eden as the creatures of the forest awaken to see something beautiful and different lying among them. As all the angels in the heavenly realm watch with great anticipation, the Creator breathes into the nostrils of the still body. Suddenly, the creature begins to move. Adam, who has been given life, is the first man and is created in the very image and likeness of God. After Adam comes to understand the gift of life and love with help from the Father, God takes him by the hand and shows him the garden paradise created just for him. As Adam and God part for the night, Adam lies down to sleep, marveling at the power of his Creator and the beauty surrounding him. On the seventh day, God introduces Adam to the fruits of the garden and a woman created from his very own rib. But just as Adam and Eve realize their love for each other, a black force emerges to test everything they know and understand about Gods love, life and nature. In this historical novel, actual and imagined events weave together to bring to light the meanings and truths behind the story of the first Adam. The Adam Chronicles transports readers into a realm where they can see, feel, touch, and smell the beginning of Gods mighty journey with humankind. Mark Winheld, Author and Literary Critic