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Family Bible Studies

Part One: the Family of God—Foundation

Eric C. Dohrmann

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With so much demand on our time, in and outside the home, and with all the different schedules and things to do each day, when do I find time to read the Bible for my daily spiritual nourishment and direction? And, just as important, when do we find time for family Bible study?

Now the help so needed is here and nourishes and fills both of these necessary desires at the same time. The Family Bible Study series is designed to help accomplish both these goals together in the same study, in a good, time-efficient manner. In Book One of the series, Family Bible Studies, you will discover the biblical foundation for the family, the rock-bottom structure (design) and groundbreaking steps forward toward building a strong, stable family. All this is done by reading the Bible and discussing it together.

Here is what you will see: the Trinity as the model for growing families on Earth; God’s strong design for the family still stands; His guidelines in the Bible help each of us grow together; a Bible study of eight characteristics of God as a beginning model for individual and family development; an inspirational ending on the fulfillment of the greatest commandment. This is first book of the Family Bible Studies series. The second will center on relationships and the levels that exist. Time studying and applying God’s Word brings great rewards—both now and in the days to come (Is. 55:8–11).

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