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A New Life

A Novel

L. J. Clayton

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Kidnapped when she was a child, Susan Smith was forced into a life of prostitution as a teenager. For years, she endures unspeakable acts, eventually coming to believe that the only way out is through taking her own life. But God has another plan for her. Phil Johnson lived a charmed life. He married his childhood sweetheart Beth and had two rambunctious, loving boys. While on vacation in California, Phil accidentally recorded two lawmen committing a crime, and suddenly his family becomes a target. A terrible car crash claims the lives of Phils wife and children, and he barely survives. Phil, overcome with grief and fear, walks and runs until he finds a hotel in the middle of the night. When Susan and Phil meet at the hotel, Susan agrees to help him. Phil knows that the only way justice will be done is to recover the camcorder and take a DVD to the FBI. The two embark on a journey full of danger, one that tests the limits of faith and friendship. Susan discovers the awesome power of Gods grace, while Phil realizes healing from his loss can only come through Gods love. But Phil and Susan soon learn that the past cannot be forgotten so easily.