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Lessons from My Father

77 Mini Life Lessons from Dear Old Dad and Historical Fathers

Allan G. Hedberg Ph.D.

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Life isnt easy, and dealing with its challenges, setbacks, and pitfalls can drain us of energy. Even so, finding hope in the midst of it all is not only possible, but necessary. Youll find short messages of encouragement and inspiration in Lessons from My Father, a compilation of seventy-seven, faith-based life lessons from clinical psychologist Dr. Allan G. Hedberg. Combining his more than forty years experience in helping people with their needs, Hedberg helps you face your problems and guides you in your personal enrichment. Through the eyes of famous and everyday fathers, as well as our Heavenly Father, each thought-provoking meditation provides areas for growing and maturing as a believer in Christ. Hedberg teaches the value of self-acceptance, the importance of encouragement, the intimacy of relationships, the process of caring, and the unfolding of an active and vital faith. His vital life lessons include building self-esteem, learning self-control, developing social skills, improving interpersonal relationships, and many more. Spend a few minutes each day with Lessons from My Father for messages of hope and inspiration.

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