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Dragons of the Smoking Mountain

Book 1: Odessa

Donna Louise

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Belletristik / Fantasy


In a world where dragons rule the skies while people claim the land, the dragon population is dwindling fast, thanks to hunters. Inside the safety of nesting caves, where magic spells keep strangers away, eggs hold dragons who will one day hatch, grow, and make the long journey to Smoking Mountain to join the dragon society. Odessa, a little bronze dragon, grows quickly while practicing his flying skillsuntil the day he unwittingly endangers the rest of the dragons. He is asked to leave immediately and reluctantly heads south. But he becomes lost and decides to return home and hide deep within a nesting cave. As he remains concealed for years, Odessa comes to accept his solitary existence without any idea that the dragons, fearing extinction, have decided to trust people with the fate of their young. Three teens are chosen to accompany the latest hatchlings to Smoking Mountain to protect them from hunters. This sets in motion a chain of events that prompts Odessa to reveal himself and embark on a dangerous quest with a young dragon friend to find fairies who disappeared hundreds of years ago. In this charming fantasy, two dragons must rely on their ingenuity and instincts to find the fairies before the nets come down and change their lives forever.